Real Estate Empire

My Review :
Deep and detailed simulation.
Good emphasis put on external factors on the rate of property.
But can be plays for short durations only as you tend to get bored due to the games sheer monotony.
Presentation of idea is poor, Graphics is so-so.
Overall game play is very poor and shallow.

Information :
Masque Publishing

Real E$tate Empire! is an entertaining introduction to the world of buying and selling real estate for fun and profit!

Watch for hot bargains, keep an eye on properties that have been on the market and might be picked up on the cheap, play to your strengths, take a fixer-upper and make it beautiful or grab something uptown and hang on as its value goes through the roof. Try your hand as a speculator and hope for a lucky break or earn your money the old fashioned way with elbow grease and sweat equity; it's all there to be had in Real E$tate Empire, the game that's part game, part simulator, all fun!

  • Learn To Play The Real Estate Game!
  • Play All 5 Professions!
  • Get Rich Buying, Fixing And Selling Real Estate!
  • Have Fun While Learning!

System Requirements :
OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: P500 Mhz
128 MB

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Hints, Strategies :

Not Available


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