Kudos 2

My Review :
Kudos 2 is the life-simulation strategy game which is inspired by SimSocial.
This game is created by Positech Games which is a one man company so hats off to the developers efforts in bringing out this game.
I may say this game as poor mans Sims.
The game doesn't have great graphics or visual appeal.
The demand on every aspect of life is implemented but we are expected to have only two activity per day.
So its necessary point out what you would do for the day in advance.
The best thing about the game is the classes(courses) it has.
The game can be mod-ed easily.

Information :

Positech Games

Kudos 2 is the life-simulation strategy game from Positech Games. Kudos is the original inspiration for the game SimSocial by EA (also known as the myspace sims game). Kudos is a turn-based game that puts you in control of a single character and manages their life from age 20 to 30. You get to pick their friends, their job, and how they spend their free time, but there is a catch! You can only choose to do one thing each day, or two at the weekends. This makes Kudos 2 a game of agonizing choices. Do you turn down an invitation from a friend because you are too tired from work? Do you put more time into your friends or your career? When do you find time to look for a better job, or to spend time with your pet?

Kudos 2 is unlike any strategy or casual game you have played before. The game has a totally original style, and uses artwork by legendary comic artist Jamie McKelvie. Every game of Kudos is unique. Did you become a high-flying corporate lawyer who cruises to the office each morning in a luxury car, but has no social life, or do you become a popular, trendy and much loved guitar-player, who works as a waitress to pay the bills? Will you have the money to splash out on a burglar alarm, or rely on your martial arts (or your faithful pet dog) to protect you from crime?

System Requirements :
Not Available

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Cheats, Mods :

More Starting Money :

Go to your Kudos 2 files on your PC
"C:/" (or wherever its located) and click on "DATA" file.
From there click on the TEXT document "Config".
A word/text document should come up, and you can inputas many options as you like.
Change the numbers to your liking: EX. GV_startingcash = 120.00 change the to whatever you want.
Save the file...and play the game!

Great Resale Value :

Open up your game directory / DATA / SIMULATION / Assets.cvs
Go to the ''I'' column where it says resell percentage.
Pick a relatively expensive item like the expensive car (I did it with an umbrella),
Now tweak the resell percentage to like 1000.
Save and go test it in game, buy the bed and resell it for x1000.
You can mod the price you buy the items for and such using this method.

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Modding the Game

If you like to fiddle with the game file to make it work in your favor like me than modding is the best option for you.

You not only make the game easier but also can add in newer tasks, jobs, activities etc.
Check out the / DATA / SIMULATION / folder and other similar once to make changes.

If you are not very confident with handling these files you can get ready-made mods here :

Kudos 2 Mods

Remember to create backup file before you attempt any mod or here said cheats.


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cool game, doesn't really work though

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