Cinema Tycoon 2

My Review :
Good game you can play it for a while but the game is very monotonous.
It can hold you, till you have tasks to achieve but once you achieve all the upgrades there is nothing else to do neither the game will let you continue once you win(you'll have to start a new game, which I doubt anyone will do).
There are wide range of upgrades, movies, movies category available.

The biggest challenge is that if you don't plan well you bound to go under irrecoverable loss(very difficult to win thereafter).
Always buy 'Hot' movies.

Overall good interface and variables, but that's not good enough to sustain interest for long.

Information :
Big Fish Games

In Cinema Tycoon 2: Movie Mania, you play the role of a new employee trying revive Mr. Pickwick`s ailing movie theater chain. Restore the Pickwick theaters by taking over its day-to-day managerial duties. Fight off competitors, juggle budgets, manage your snack inventory and pick the best films to boost ticket sales in this easy to play money-management game. Do you have what it takes to create blockbuster entertainment and build a 5-star Cine-plex empire?

  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Choose your favorite movies
  • Build a cinema empire
  • Enjoy more movie madness in Cinema Tycoon 2

System Requirements :
OS: Windows XP/Vista
800 Mhz
256 MB
DirectX: 7.0
Hard Drive:
38 MB

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Hints, Strategies :
1.Sales goals:

You can always borrow from the bank or the loan shark...or BOTH!
Sometimes all it takes is a little extra cash to make it through!
And if you're in real trouble, you can sell back the upgrades that
aren't vital to making it to the next round!

2.Restart level:

To restart a level you need to go bankrupt. I did this by paying off a loan that I did not have that amount of money.
Example: You have $500, your loan amount is $1,500. Go to loan screen and raise daily amount to repay to $1,500, click Accept and you will get message that you have gone bankrupt, then you will have option to replay level.

3.Restart Update:

Before you try above tip....Make sure you go through the upgrade section and sell all upgrades purchased, then sell all films.
After this go back to loan screen and follow above steps. You have to end up with a negative cash balance. Sorry for any confusion.

4.Movie Hints:

Make sure you are spending your money on good movies. As much as possible, in the beginning of the level, only buy movies in the hot category. If you need to save money, buy a really good movie and show it on two screens.

In the beginning, watch which upgrades you buy. I always buy Candy for the snack counter as soon as possible. Then buy parking, then upgrade sound.
Don't buy more seats unless your screens are playing to 95% or better.
Having empty seats won't make you any money. I usually start my ticket prices at $4 kids, $8 adults and $5.50 Seniors.

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General Hints :

The best way to be right on track if to buy movies which are 'HOT' this assures you good amount of customers.

Always try to upgrade your theater before your competitor this will keep you more competent (I used to maintain spreadsheet to check on which competitor has achieved what all upgrades to be on track).

When ever taking loan see to it which option is better in terms of amount returned and in what time (for loan shark its 14 days fixed)

Once your are in the final level you'll have to build 16 screens + other tasks to win once you achieve all the tasks you win and the game is over (no further playing possible) so in case you want to continue playing avoid building the 16th screen.

But once you finish with all the upgrades it is very monotonous and becomes very boring to play more.


Anonymous said...

The best strategy:
Buy HOT movies and spend as much on PROMO as you can in the beginning....
I flew through this game with this strategy. Never went bankrupt, not even close.
HINT: Borrow money right away!! Buy 1 HOT movie and play it on all available screens. Then, spend all the money you have left on PROMO. People will storm your theater!!!
Have fun

Anonymous said...

how do you sell the upgrades.I have 4 cinemas and I don't know how to sell it

Anonymous said...

it can't be sell
first cinema: level 1
second cinema: level 2
third cinema: level 3

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