Business Tycoon

My Review :
Mediocre game.
Poor graphics, easy but rather unexciting interface.
Very easy game play not worth a hardcore gamer.
The game looks like one developed in late nineties.

Though the importance give to the upgrades in all four categories is very detailed and commendable but that doesn't make up for its drawback.
Overall its for children to play.

Information :


When you think of taking over the world, you naturally think of corporations striving for world domination? Well, maybe not but in Stardock’s upcoming Business Tycoon (published by Ubisoft), that’s exactly what you must do. Called by many games as "SimBillGates", Business Tycoon is the game that puts you in the shoes of a CEO bent on creating a corporation that will dominate the markets of the world.

In Business Tycoon, you start a company and must conquer the world. How do you do this? Simple, just spread your corporate empire throughout the world into every facet of everyday life and eliminate your competitors. Soon after, you’ll be able to have a great deal of control over the political, economic, and cultural directions the world takes.

The fun part is getting there. Taking over the world isn’t going to be easy. As you begin the game and choose an industry to begin your quest for domination in, there’s still these pesky things called competitors who have the nerve to think that they will one day have the honor of telling the government that "it depends on what ‘is’ is."

Business Tycoon comes with 3 industries – Automobiles, Computers, and Aircraft. Players start at the very dawn of this industry – the very best time for a clever company to gain a monopoly position in the market.

Each player must then decide how best spend their money to compete in their emerging market. And in Business Tycoon, there is no shortage of places to spend their money.

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System Requirements :
Not Available

Tips, Cheats :

Do not play this game as you would have Entrepreneur. Much more of the game is determined by what you build as opposed to merely improving your technology and creating marketing campaigns. Become familiar with the intelligence building, the training centers, and the company stores, these buildings can make a big difference. Also, don’t search in vain for "super regions" because they don’t exist in this game, that was a major imbalance in Entrepreneur.

Take advantage of building economic centers and be aware that they go up in price each time you build one (each time anyone builds one). The computer AI isn’t currently taking advantage of those much (they do some at the harder levels).

Be aware that price is no longer as powerful as it was in Entrepreneur. In the aircraft market, price means almost nothing in fact. You’ll also notice that the technology tree makes the game play very differently than in Entrepreneur. Your products are graded on the curve by consumers now instead of total quality (i.e. if there are 3 players and your product is "almost" as good as the leader, you may still get rated as a C or D in that attribute which means you’ll take a massive sales hit).

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Cheat Codes :

Press TAB, type in the code in bold and then press ENTER Code Result


zeropercentinterest - gives $10,000,000

canyouspareadime - gives $100,000,000

nomoneydown - gives $100,000,000

iseelondoniseefrance - researches all regions

feelthatmojorising - gives 10 of each resource

idkfa - gives 99 of each resource

hitmeagain - gives one action card

upmysleeve - gives full hand of cards

impressme - current research project completed

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