Passport to Perfume

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Use your Passport to Perfume and travel around the world as Sophia, a young adventure-seeker, perfume maker and shop owner in the 1940s. Manage a perfume shop, create scents, select from an elegant perfume bottle inventory, and sell your creations to customers. On weekends, travel the world searching for rare ingredients, perfume bottles and new fragrance recipes in this exciting Time Management game.

  • Personalize your perfume
  • Create new scents
  • Success never smelled so sweet

System Requirements :
OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.2 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 44 MB

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Hints, Tip, Walkthroughs :
General Tips :
  • This guide will be written with the majority of time management tips being in this section, unless important and specific to one of the weeks below. It's a good idea to read this portion before seeking our your specific week.
  • Know Your Customers- Some customers are very predictable with what exactly they'll do or want: for example, rich women always know what they want, Chefs will ask to see the Sample Tray, and Baseball Players are always "?" customers. Knowing this when they walk in the door can help you get ahead.
  • The "?" Customers- These customers are the key to good scores. Always sell these customers your Fine or Rare Perfumes: it's quick, easy, and immediately ready to go. Fine and Rare perfumes are also worth more than the house blends. Pay close attention in the Shopping screen to which perfumes cost more, because those are worth more as well and perfect for your "?" customers. "?" customers are also very good for dropping a mistake perfume on because they'll take anything.
  • Treasure Perfumes- These perfumes are only available upon request of a customer, so be very careful not to botch them and don't give them to "?" customers: they won't accept them.
  • The Swapping Table- While intended for swapping and sometimes very useful in such, the Swapping Table is also a perfect place to set a mistake perfume or blend on until a "?" customer comes along that will buy it.
  • Recycle- Don't be afraid to do so if you mess up a blend and need your swapping table: unlike just throwing something away, recycling lets you re-use the bottle like nothing ever happened.
  • When to Upgrade- Naturally you'll want to upgrade with the upgrades that will help you most in gameplay as much and often as possible: however, it's extremely important you shop for your inventory first before upgrading. Do not sell inventory to upgrade: it's better to just wait.
  • Extra Money- Money bonuses can be earned a number of ways: the best tactic is to add a Spritzer to everything because the station will become so fast. You can also add to the value of a perfume by putting it through additional glitter, quality testing, and wrapping. An easy way to earn more money is to always add all the extras possible into the perfumes of your final customers. You can also earn extra money via certain upgrades and combination selling, such as a string of Fine Perfumes. Don't concentrate on combination selling too much though, because the profit is minimal.
  • Be Prepared- This primarily applies to the first weeks. You have the option to put a bottle in a machine but not yet to fill it up. While it may work well in the first weeks, it's a very impractical tactic in general. Be sure when you use the machines to press the actual buttons, or else the bottle or perfume will just be set there and not actually filled or attended to. For the House Blend machines, click on the top part and not the machine area itself.
  • Using Hints on Hidden Object Levels- It should be noted there are hints available on these levels, however the first hint you click won't show you the item location: it will only show you can icon of what it's supposed to look like. You'll have to use another hint to actually be shown where the item is.
  • Don't Badger Customers- You need you be very careful not to click on a customer with the wrong or no perfume numerous times: they will become frustrated and leave immediately.
  • Dealing with Impatient Customers- Sometimes customers will get impatient: typically you don't have much to worry about until their bubble fills up 3/4. In such case, give them a flower (if available), show them the Sample Tray (if applicable), or be sure to get their perfume for them pronto.
  • An Important Note with "?" Customers- If you've got the perfume for another customer and a "?" customer at the same time, always give the non-"?" customer their perfume first, or you're nearly guaranteed to give the wrong perfume to the "?" customer, which is happy with anything, leaving a very dissatisfied other customer for whom you will have to make the perfume all over again.
  • An Important Note on House Blends- When creating a House Blend, there is a tactic you should always use: always create the highest value Fast or Very Fast perfume possible. If you choose to do average or slower in swap for more money, it's likely you'll lose customers over the wait. It's much better to stick with only Fast and Very Fast mixtures.

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