Midnight Mysteries : The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

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Use your famous mystery-writing skills to help solve an ancient homicide and capture Edgar Allan Poe`s murderer! Follow your ghostly guides through Poe`s classic tales as you meet the different suspects in this dark and haunting Hidden Object game. Find inspiration for your next book as you collect clues, interview witnesses, and crack the centuries-old crime in Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

  • Immersive atmosphere
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Find Poe`s murderer!

System Requirements :
OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
DirectX: 8.1
Hard Drive: 232 MB

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Hints, Tip, Walkthroughs :
Game Overview :

  • There are six chapters in the game, all varying in length, with several puzzles added to each chapter.
  • You cannot skip puzzles in this game.
  • There are no timers in the game; you can play the game at your own pace.

  • Inventory Items and tools

  • Some of the items you pick up in the scene will go into your tool bag in the lower right side of the scene.
  • You will only have access to those tools when they are needed to solve a puzzle in the scene.
  • The items that are listed in blue at the bottom of the screen are items that are hidden; tool is needed to uncover them.
  • You can use your tools in sections in which you see two blue gears appear. When this happens, look in your inventory items in the lower right side of the scene for the right tool to use.
  • Grab an inventory item and place it over the item with the blue gears. If you see the skeleton hand turn blue, it means that you can use that inventory item in that spot.
  • If you don’t see the blue hand, and you see a red hand instead, try a different inventory item in that spot.
  • Some inventory items will carry over with you from scene to scene.

  • Hints

  • The number of hints you have are shown in the lantern in the lower right side of the scene.
  • Each Raven you find in a scene will give you one extra hint. Some scenes have two Ravens, but most of them only have one.
  • If you don’t want to use a hint, you can click on an item on the list and the lantern will show you the silhouette of that item.
  • If you click randomly on the screen, the Raven will take the hint lantern away and a cat will show up instead. You cannot use a hint while the cat is in the Raven’s spot in the corner.
  • The cat will stay around for a few seconds before the Raven returns to its spot.
  • You can accumulate your hints with you as you go from level to level.
  • If you get down to zero hints, the game may give you an additional one, even if you haven’t spotted any Ravens.

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